Random Chris Pratt Will Also Be The Voice Of Garfield

Random Chris Pratt Will Also Be The Voice Of Garfield

In a surprising turn of events, Hollywood actor Chris Pratt has been announced as the new voice of the iconic cartoon character Garfield. Known for his dynamic range and ability to bring characters to life, Pratt’s casting as Garfield has sparked both excitement and debate among fans. With his natural charisma and comedic timing, many are curious to see how Pratt will interpret and reimagine the beloved lasagna-loving feline. This unexpected collaboration between an A-list actor and a classic animated character has certainly generated significant buzz in the entertainment industry.

Chris Pratt Is the New Voice of ‘Garfield’

Recently, it was announced that Chris Pratt will be the voice of Garfield in the upcoming movie adaptation of the comic. This news has sent shockwaves through the Nintendo community, as this is a surprising yet exciting addition to the gaming universe.

Chris Pratt and Garfield Connection

The connection between Chris Pratt and Garfield is a long-standing one. The two have had many interactions throughout their respective media properties, leading many fans to wonder if this is something that was planned for a while or if this is all just an awesome coincidence. Either way, it’s an exciting move that could lead to some amazing new adventures for both characters.

This connection has been especially prevalent in recent years after Chris Pratt started voicing Peter Quill in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy films; he worked with character creator Jim Davis on promotional campaigns for both projects. Now that they are teaming up for Garfield, fans may now be expecting more synergies between these two beloved characters.

Nintendo Fans’ Reactions

The fan reaction to this news has been mixed. Some are excited to see what happens when Chris Pratt and Garfield come together, while others are worried about how their favorite comic series will be adapted into a movie format. Many Nintendo fans are especially intrigued by this announcement due to its potential implications for crossovers with other Nintendo titles such as Animal Crossing or The Legend of Zelda.

While there have been no official announcements made about possible crossover events or partnerships at this time, it’s definitely something worth looking out for in the near future. Fans may also hope that other actors involved in popular franchises such as Hugh Jackman (X-Men) and Tom Holland (Spider-Man) could soon join forces with Garfield for some truly unforgettable experiences.</p

Chris Pratt Will Voice Garfield In New Animated Feature | THR News
Chris Pratt is going to voice the lasagna-loving, Monday-hating comic strip feline Garfield in a new animated movie. To learn more about this story: Subscribe for more entertainment news: See our latest videos: …

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