Metroid Prime Remastered All Artifact Locations

Welcome to “Metroid Prime Remastered All Artifact Locations” guide! In this article, we will be exploring the mesmerizing world of Metroid Prime, a revered science fiction action-adventure video game originally released in 2002. With its recent remastered version, fans old and new have the opportunity to delve into the immersive gameplay and unravel mysteries within the vast universe. One of the key elements in Metroid Prime is collecting artifacts, which aid in unlocking powerful abilities and progressing through the game. In this comprehensive guide, we will leave no stone unturned as we uncover all the artifact locations, ensuring you have everything you need for a truly epic adventure. Join us as we embark on this thrilling journey through space!

Metroid Prime Remastered: All Artifact Locations | Nintendo Life

Metroid Prime Remastered is the updated version of the original GameCube classic, and it is certainly a must-play for any Nintendo fan. The game features a wide variety of artifacts that can be found throughout the game, and finding them all helps unlock powerful rewards. This guide will provide an overview of all artifact locations in Metroid Prime Remastered, along with some helpful tips for tracking them down.

Artifact Types

Metroid Prime Remastered offers 12 different types of artifacts that can be found scattered across the game. These artifacts are divided into five categories – Chozo, Energy, Lifegiver, Nature and Warrior – and each one has its own unique purpose. The Chozo artifacts are used to uncover hidden secrets, while the Energy artifacts replenish energy tanks for Samus Aran’s suit. Lifegiver artifacts restore health points, Nature artifacts offer power-ups when combined with other items in a secret chamber and Warrior artifacts extend Samus’ abilities.

In addition to these five categories, gamers can also find 10 special item upgrades scattered around as well which allow players to unlock even more powerful abilities in the game. These upgrades come in the form of CPUs which increase armor protection or missiles which unlock new areas.

Artifact Locations

All of these items are spread throughout Metroid Prime Remastered’s 24 different levels – eight primary Artifacts per level – but some can be harder to find than others. For instance: Chozo Artifacts are usually hidden behind puzzles or locked doors; Energy Artifacts may appear after defeating enemies; Lifegiver Artifacts usually require you to venture off the beaten path; Nature Artifacts may require specific tools or items; and Warrior Artifacts may require you to defeat mini-bosses before they appear.

Metroid Prime Remastered All 12 Artifacts Locations
A guide that will show you the location of all 12 Artifact in Metroid Prime Remastered Truth Artifact: 0:00 Chozo Artifact: 1:04 Lifegiver Artifact: 2:00 Wild Artifact: 2:33 World Artifact: 5:02 Nature Artifact: 6:02 Strength Artifact: 6:32 Spirit Artifact: 7:48 Elder Artifact: 8:54 Sun Artifact: 9:59 Warrior Artifact: 10:59 Newborn Artifact …

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