50 Best Gamecube Games Of All Time

Welcome to our comprehensive list of the 50 Best GameCube Games of All Time. Released by Nintendo in 2001, the GameCube quickly became a beloved console for gamers worldwide. With its distinctive design, innovative controller, and an impressive library of games, the GameCube holds a special place in gaming history. From iconic franchises like Mario and Zelda to lesser-known gems that deserve recognition, this list covers a diverse range of genres and experiences that have captivated players over the years. So whether you’re a long-time GameCube enthusiast or simply curious about the console’s standout titles, join us as we celebrate some of the greatest games ever released on the GameCube.

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The Nintendo Gamecube, which debuted in 2001, was the sixth generation of Nintendo’s consoles and sold an impressive 21.74 million units worldwide. Although it wasn’t as popular as the Super Nintendo or Wii, it still featured some amazing games that have gone down in video game history as classics. To keep up with the competition, Nintendo released a range of acclaimed titles from first-party developers like Rare and Retro Studios and third-party publishers like Electronic Arts and Square Enix.

Super Smash Bros Melee

Released in 2001, Super Smash Bros Melee was the sequel to Super Smash Bros for the N64. It featured a plethora of memorable characters such as Mario, Link, Kirby and Pikachu who would battle it out in an all-out melee. The game allowed for four players to battle each other simultaneously, making it great for parties or family gatherings. It also introduced new gameplay mechanics such as directional air dodging and short hop attacks that make this game more than just a button masher.

It has since gone on to become one of the best-selling Gamecube games with 7.09 million units sold worldwide according to VGChartz. It also has spawned a competitive esports scene which still exists today with tournaments held annually across various countries.

Mario Kart Double Dash

The Mario Kart series has been around since 1992 but it wasn’t until Mario Kart Double Dash was released on Gamecube back in 2003 that we got something truly revolutionary from the franchise. This time around players had choices between 16 characters whom could race around tracks based on various levels from past Mario games.

What really made this game stand out however was its unique co-op mechanic allowing two players to work together by operating one single kart. This added a whole new level of strategy into racing as you

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