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Welcome to our comprehensive guide for all Animal Crossing Amiibo cards available for both New Horizons and New Leaf! Whether you’re a fan of the adorable villagers in your virtual neighborhood or a collector seeking to complete your card collection, this article’s got you covered. In particular, we will be focusing on the beloved and highly sought-after character, Raymond. Known for his distinct appearance and charming personality, Raymond has captured the hearts of many players. So, let’s dive in and explore all the fascinating details about every Animal Crossing Amiibo card featuring this delightful cat!

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons and New Leaf have become widely popular games since their releases in 2020 and 2012, respectively. One of the most exciting features of these games is the ability to utilize Amiibo cards, which allow players to bring in-game characters into their Animal Crossing towns. Raymond is one of these characters that players can bring into their towns through an Amiibo card. Here, we will discuss every Animal Crossing Amiibo card for both New Horizons and New Leaf related to Raymond.

Raymond as a Character

Raymond is an orange cat who made his debut in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. He wears a striped suit and has a modern twist on a classic slick hairstyle as well as being competent at making coffee. He seems quite polite yet aloof at times, although he becomes more serious when it comes to his work and hobby – fashion design. Overall, Raymond has become very popular among the Animal Crossing community because he’s such an endearing character.

In terms of personality, Raymond is quite unique compared to the other villagers. For instance, he’s very interested in fashion design which makes him stand out from others who have different hobbies like fishing or bug catching. Additionally, Raymond’s cool exterior is often softened by his occasional soft-heartedness when it comes to helping other villagers make decisions about clothing or hairstyles.

Raymond Amiibo Cards for Both Games

For fans of Raymond, there are both Amiibo cards and figurines available for both Animal Crossing: New Horizons and New Leaf that allow them to call him into their town. The premise behind these cards is that they contain information about each character that can be scanned into either game by using an NFC reader.

Players who want access to more exclusive

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