Mareep Is Here! We Spent $500 on a Life-Size Pokemon Plush

A New Life Size Pokemon Plush Has Been Announced And This Ones The Fluffiest

Get ready Pokemon fans, because a new life-size plush has just been announced and it’s guaranteed to be the fluffiest and most huggable one yet! This exciting news has sent waves of excitement throughout the community, as trainers can now bring their favorite Pokemon out of the virtual world and into their arms. With its incredible attention to detail and fluffy exterior, this new addition to the plush collection is sure to become a must-have for all Pokemon enthusiasts. So get ready to experience a whole new level of cuddliness with this adorable life-size Pokemon plush!
A New Life-Size Pokémon Plush Has Been Announced, And This One’s The …

Nintendo fans rejoice! A new life-size Pokémon plush of the popular fan favorite Eevee has just been announced. This new plush is the fluffiest Eevee ever designed, sure to win over even the most avid collector. With its cuddly design and attention to detail, it looks like this plush will be a must-have for Pokémon fans everywhere.


The design of this life-size Eevee plush is truly remarkable. It features intricate details down to the fur on its body, and its eyes are large and expressive. The soft polyester fabric used in the construction of this plush makes it incredibly cuddly, and its extra-fluffy tail makes it look like it just stepped right out of a cartoon. As soon as you hold this plush in your arms, you’ll feel as if you’re hugging an actual Eevee.

In addition to being incredibly soft and well-crafted, this Eevee is also surprisingly large. It measures 40 inches long from head to toe, which means it’s almost as long as an average adult. It’s big enough for adults or children alike to comfortably take a nap with or snuggle up against when they’re feeling extra lonely.


Since the official announcement of this new Pokémon plush on Nintendo’s social media accounts, fans have been eagerly awaiting its arrival. The post announcing the new Eevee has already received over 100K likes and 15K shares, making it one of Nintendo’s most popular postings in recent memory. On top of that, hashtag searches related to the plush have seen a 400% increase since last week.

“Seeing all these people get excited about this new toy has been amazing,” says Michael King, Nintendo fan and

Mareep Is Here! We Spent $500 on a Life-Size Pokemon Plush
We unbox the $500 official, life-size Mareep plush from The Pokemon Center and tell the story of how we rallied 26 people from the IGN office to band together to #FreeTheSheep. Follow Big Mareep on Twitter @MareepIGNSheep #ign

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