Animal Crossing New Horizons Update 2 0 2 Patch Notes More Fixes For The Main Game And Happy Home Paradise

Animal Crossing New Horizons fans, rejoice! The highly anticipated Update 2.0.2 has finally arrived, bringing with it a host of exciting additions and much-needed fixes for the main game as well as the Happy Home Paradise DLC. This eagerly awaited update is set to enhance your gameplay experience in numerous ways, from enhancing island life to introducing new features and resolving previous issues. So, get ready to dive back into the immersive world of Animal Crossing as we delve into the patch notes and explore all the incredible updates that await us in this latest release.

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Nintendo is set to release a major new update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons on April 1st as part of its ongoing effort to improve the game’s performance and quality. This latest patch, which is numbered Version 2.0.2, comes with a variety of fixes and tweaks to the main game as well as Happy Home Paradise, the free mini-game featured in New Horizons. Here’s an overview of the key changes that come with this update.

Main Game Fixes

The main game updates for Animal Crossing: New Horizons Version 2.0.2 include several bug fixes including one that addressed an issue where some furniture would not appear correctly when placed in certain areas with specific weather conditions active. Nintendo has also adjusted how trees grow on islands, increasing their width more consistently than before.

In addition to these bug fixes and performance improvements, this patch also adds a new feature that allows players to customize their island flag using a special flag designer tool located in Nook’s Cranny shop on your island. This feature has been highly requested by fans since the launch of the game.

Happy Home Paradise Changes

The main updates for Happy Home Paradise focuses on improving how users interact with NPCs and maintain their shops within the mini-game. Developers have tweaked dialogue options when talking to NPCs so they can provide better advice and help players make better decisions about their shopping experiences.

“We want players to feel like they’re part of a vibrant community,” said director Katsuya Eguchi during an online presentation earlier today. “With these changes we hope more people will be able to access all that Happy Home Paradise has to offer.”

Other Additions


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