Controversial Rhythm Game Massage Freaks May Have Been Canned On Switch

Controversial Rhythm Game “Massage Freaks” May Have Been Canned On Switch

In a surprising turn of events, it appears that the highly anticipated rhythm game “Massage Freaks” may have been cancelled for release on the Nintendo Switch. This news has left fans confused and disappointed, as the game had generated significant buzz for its unique premise and innovative gameplay mechanics. The controversy surrounding “Massage Freaks” stems from its unconventional subject matter, centering around rhythmic massages instead of traditional music-based gameplay. With no official statement from the developers or Nintendo themselves, gamers eagerly await confirmation about the fate of this intriguing and polarizing title.

Controversial Rhythm Game ‘Massage Freaks’ May Have Been Canned On …

Nintendo Switch fans have recently been rocked by the news that the controversial rhythm game Massage Freaks may have been cancelled on Switch. This news has disappointed many players, as it was highly anticipated since its debut in 2017. So what exactly happened?

What is Massage Freaks?

Massage Freaks is a rhythm game that follows a female student character as she performs various massage techniques. The player must time their pressing of the buttons to her movements in order to achieve the highest score possible. It features anime-style visuals and includes various minigames where you can interact with other characters.

The game initially gained a large following upon its release in 2017 for its unique take on the genre and fun minigames. It also received praise for its upbeat soundtrack, high quality visuals, and overall sense of fun.


Unfortunately, Massage Freaks also attracted plenty of controversy due to its suggestive subject matter. Critics argued that it was too sexualized for minors and could be seen as encouraging objectification of women.

This criticism reached a fever pitch when it was announced that the game would be coming to Nintendo Switch in 2020. The announcement immediately sparked controversy, with some players arguing that it was not appropriate for Nintendo’s family-friendly platform.

Cancelled On Nintendo Switch?

The controversy appeared to be too much for Nintendo, as recent reports indicate that Massage Freaks has been cancelled on Switch. While this has yet to be officially confirmed by Nintendo or developer Artdink Corporation, many industry insiders have expressed doubts about the game ever coming out on Switch.

The cancellation of Massage Fre

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