Fangamers New Hades Merch Includes A Zagreus Switch Controller And Fancy Art

Fangamers, a popular online merchandise retailer for gamers, has recently unveiled their new Hades collection that is bound to excite fans of the critically acclaimed video game. The highlight of this collection is undoubtedly the Zagreus Switch Controller, designed with striking artwork and functionality in mind. Alongside this unique gaming accessory, Fangamers has also introduced an array of fancy art pieces inspired by the captivating world of Hades. With their exceptional attention to detail and commitment to quality, Fangamers continues to cater to the desires of gaming enthusiasts seeking merchandise that truly encapsulates their favorite games.

Fangamer’s New Hades Merch Includes A Zagreus Switch Controller And …

Fangamer, the popular figured-led merch company, has just released their latest line of gaming accessories dedicated to Hades, the rogue-like action RPG from Supergiant Games. The line includes a custom Nintendo Switch controller featuring Zagreus, a wide selection of enamel pins and fancy wall art inspired by the game. Fangamer’s new Hades merchandise is sure to be a hit with game fans and casual players alike.

Background on Hades

Hades is one of Supergiant Games’ most successful titles. Since it was launched in 2020, gamers have been captivated by its highly replayable world and unique art style. Players take on the role of Zagreus as he escapes the Underworld in an attempt to reach Mount Olympus. With a stunning visual design and captivating soundtrack inspired by Greek mythology, it’s easy to see why Hades has developed such a huge fan following.

The game quickly became one of the highest rated video games on Metacritic and Steam after its launch in 2020, and was even nominated for multiple awards including Game Of The Year. So it’s no surprise that Fangamer wanted to capitalize on this fandom with their new line of Hades merchandise.

What’s Included?

The highlights of this collection are two brand-new licensed Nintendo Switch controllers featuring art from Hades. One controller features an illustration of Zagreus wielding his sword while crossing his iconic bridge towards Mount Olympus. The other one features Charon who holds a lantern as he stands guard at the gates of Asphodel ready to take players into scorching realms beyond.

In addition to these controllers, Fangamer also released an extensive range of merchandise that includes enamel pins shaped like coins from Tartarus

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