Persona 25th Anniversary Celebrations End Atlus Teases Next Stage Of Series

The Persona series, a beloved franchise known for its intricate storytelling and addictive gameplay, recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. As the celebrations come to an end, fans eagerly await the next stage of the series, which was teased by Atlus, the game’s developer. With a reputation for delivering innovative and immersive experiences, Atlus has left enthusiasts buzzing with anticipation for what they have in store next. With the promise of new adventures and compelling narratives, it seems that the future of Persona is brighter than ever before.

Persona 25th Anniversary Celebrations End, Atlus Teases “Next Stage” Of …

The Persona franchise has just celebrated its 25th anniversary since its inception in 1996, and the developer studio Atlus have now announced the conclusion of the festivities with a teaser for what’s next. The Persona series has come a long way since the release of Revelations: Persona on the PlayStation in 1996, taking players along for a journey full of unique and interesting characters and stories that span numerous spinoffs, sequels, anime adaptations, and other projects. As part of this year’s celebrations for its 25th anniversary, Atlus has held events both online and offline to commemorate the milestone.

The Online Celebrations

In August this year, Atlus launched an official website to mark the special occasion. This website provided an overview of past Personas titles as well as some exclusive interviews with staff from Persona series projects. It also included several activities that allowed fans from around the world to take part in various social media campaigns using specially prepared hashtags such as #Persona25th.

These activities saw a great response from fans, as evidenced by the more than 500 thousand submissions received by Atlus during this period. The developer studio also ran several live streams in honor of Persona’s 25th anniversary which featured different guest speakers giving their comments about past games in the series. The streams were watched over 400 thousand times across all streaming platforms.

The Offline Celebrations

In addition to their online efforts, Atlus also teamed up with Animate Girls Festival (AGF) – one of Japan’s largest anime festivals – to host an exclusive event dedicated to Persona’s 25th anniversary. The event featured several panels about past games in the series presented by notable Persona staff members such as Shigenori Soejima and Shoji Meguro.


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