Mario Jumps Into The 3d Billboard Craze In New Movie Advertisement

Mario Jumps Into The 3D Billboard Craze In New Movie Advertisement

In a world where advertising is constantly evolving to captivate audiences, the iconic video game character Mario has taken the leap into the 3D billboard craze. In a groundbreaking new movie advertisement, Mario is brought to life in three-dimensional glory, captivating passersby and taking advertising to new heights. With his signature red cap and blue overalls, Mario stands tall on billboards across the city, inviting viewers into a world of adventure and excitement. This innovative approach to marketing is sure to leave a lasting impression on fans of all ages, as they witness their favorite character literally jump off the screen and into reality. Get ready to be transported into the Mushroom Kingdom as Mario embarks on his most thrilling venture yet – advertising in 3D!

Mario Jumps Into The 3D Billboard Craze In New Movie Advertisement …

With the recent announcement of the upcoming 3D Mario movie, Nintendo is jumping headfirst into the 3D billboard craze. The iconic video game character has become a global icon and its leading role in an upcoming movie marks an exciting new chapter for both Nintendo and Mario fans alike. In order to get everyone excited about the new 3D film, Nintendo is rolling out innovative 3D billboards to capture the attention of potential movie-goers.

3D Billboards

Nintendo’s new 3D billboards feature a larger-than-life version of Mario, standing atop a replica Mushroom Kingdom castle complete with other famous characters like Bowser, Toad and Luigi. These immersive 3D advertisements are strategically located in major cities around the world. From Times Square in New York City to Trafalgar Square in London, these billboards create an eye-catching spectacle wherever they appear.

The creative team behind the ad campaign wanted to create something that captures both the sense of nostalgia that many gamers feel when they think of Mario as well as a futuristic look that reflects its upcoming venture into film. So far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive with many people stopping and taking pictures whenever one of these billboard appear.

The Movie

After years of waiting, it’s finally happening –Mario will make his debut on the big screen next year! Not much information has been released yet about this highly anticipated project but we do know that it will be produced by Illumination Entertainment (the same company behind Despicable Me and Sing).

Nintendo is counting on Illumination Entertainment’s experience in making animated films to bring Mario to life onscreen and attract viewers beyond just gamers. The combination of classic characters, music, cartoonish visuals, as well as witty dialogue is expected to build

Super Mario Bros Movie 3D Billboard at New York City
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