Pokemon Brilliant Stars Announced As The Series Latest Trading Card Expansion

The beloved world of Pokemon is about to expand once again with the thrilling announcement of “Pokemon Brilliant Stars” as the latest trading card expansion in the series. With its introduction, fans will have the opportunity to embark on a new adventure filled with captivating and collectible cards featuring stunning artwork and powerful Pokemon. As anticipation builds for this highly anticipated release, trainers from around the globe are eager to discover what surprises and challenges await them in the mesmerizing universe of Pokemon Brilliant Stars.

Pokémon Brilliant Stars Announced As The Series’ Latest Trading Card …

Nintendo has recently announced the forthcoming release of the new Pokémon Brilliant Stars trading card expansion. Featuring over 150 cards, including 15 brand new TAG TEAM GXs, a special foil selection of rare Pokémon-GX cards, and even multiple all-new Supporter Card designs, this new expansion looks set to transform the game and keep players enthralled for months to come.

Tag Team GXs

The main attraction of this new expansion is the 15 brand new TAG TEAM GX cards that it introduces. This type of card was first seen in last year’s Ultra Prism expansion and they each feature two different Pokémon on one card – with each creature contributing equally to a combined attack when used in battle. This makes them incredibly powerful and gives fans plenty of exciting options as they build their decks. Each individual TAG TEAM GX will also feature both regular artwork as well as an alternate version which can be obtained through Special Collection Boxes.

Rare Pokémon-GX Cards

In addition to the TAG TEAM GXs, the Pokemon Brilliant Stars expansion will also offer a selection of rare Pokémom-GX cards. These cards are all exclusive to this set and will feature a variety of classic characters from across the generations such as Charizard-GX, Latias & Latios-GX and Gardevoir & Sylveon-GX. These rare cards are sure to be popular among collectors who want something unique in their collections.

New Supporter Cards

Finally, there will also be several all-new Supporter Card designs included in this expansion for players who prefer an alternative strategy when constructing decks. For example, Oricorio’s Royal Beak allows you to draw three extra cards while Professor Kukui is able to search your deck for any three Pokémon

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