#139 - Ellen McLain Interview (THE VOICE OF GLaDOS)

Random Glados Actress Really Wants Valve To Make Portal 3

Random Glados Actress Really Wants Valve To Make Portal 3

The iconic video game series, Portal, has captivated gamers worldwide with its unique blend of mind-bending puzzles and dark humor. However, it has been almost a decade since the release of Portal 2, leaving fans eagerly waiting for any news or updates about a potential third installment. Recently, the voice actress behind the character Glados, Ellen McLain, expressed her strong desire for Valve to create Portal 3. As one of the most recognizable voices in gaming history, McLain’s plea has sparked renewed hope among devoted fans who are fervently hoping for another adventure in Aperture Science.

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Recently, the voice and motion capture actress of GLaDOS, Ellen McLain, has made a plea for Valve to make Portal 3. At a recent convention she said, “I am still hoping that Valve is going to come up with Portal 3 – I would love to do it.”

Voice and Motion Capture Actress of GLaDOS

The role of GLaDOS has been voiced by Ellen McLain since the first game released in 2007. She has reprised her role from both Portal releases as well as its spinoff games, including Lego Dimensions and Bridge Constructor. In addition to providing her voice, McLain has also provided motion capture work for the character which includes appearing in motion capture rigs used while recording her lines. As a result, she has become an integral part of the Portal series.

McLain expressed her enthusiasm about returning to her beloved character at this recent convention. After fielding questions about if she would be interested in voicing GLaDOS again McLain said “Well of course I’d love it! Who wouldn’t?” McLain also revealed that she “really loves” playing GLaDOS and is always eager for any suggestions or ideas from fans.

Interest in Portal 3

Despite being one of Valve’s most successful franchises, there have been no indication that another installment will be in the works soon. The most recent game from the franchise was the sequel-themed downloadable content (DLC) for Bridge Constructor back in 2017 which was titled Portal Knights. Despite not being an official installment into the series, it provided fans with some new challenges while staying true to Portal’s trademark humor.

Still, fans are eager for a full length title and speculation as to what could feature on it began almost immediately

#139 – Ellen McLain Interview (THE VOICE OF GLaDOS)
Ellen McLain is an accomplished singer and voice actress who is best known for voicing GLaDOS in Portal 1 and Portal 2. #portal2 #valve #glados SOCIAL MEDIA TWITTER – @ellenmclain TIMESTAMPS 00:00 – Intro/Kiwi Talkz Name 01:23 – Original Intention Of Robotic GLaDOS Voice 03:35 – How To Sound Like A Robot/Initial Recordings 06:07 – Candide …

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